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Ann McGregor
Lisa Harris
Casey Dodson
Daniel P Bartlett
Yvonne Price
Elizabeth Porter
Natasha Bakker
Brendon Oaks
Leo Berzins
Kerry Whitehead
Gary Mclaughlin
Kylie Martin
David McDonald
Frank Strickland
Patricia Burgess
Emily Quinones
Michelle Kothe
Sean McClowry
Indra Hopley-Thompson
Brian Houston
Stacy Downs
Ruth Bader
Melinda Hillery
Preeti Dasgupta
Russell Tibballs
Meredith Draper
Josephine Crighton
Tiffany Hunt
Kevin Zimmerman
Joanie Levchin
Wendy Scott Cayless
Elena Antoniadou
John Brannan
Kristina Stefanova
Neil Bates
Paul Cockram
Alice Burchett
Richard Elliott
Jenny Smit
Don Herbison-Evans
Ron Atkinson
Erin Rogers
Jill Brown
Loraine Oliver
Angus Kennedy
Sean Perera

QuestaGame Experts (apologies if we’ve missed anyone)

Don-Herbison Evans
Dr. Rodney Foster Rentz
Donald Hobern
Mark (the “Beetle Man”)
Melinda Hillary
Ed Nieuwenhuys
Ron Atkinson
David Dempster
Margaret Ning
Joe McAuliffe
Angus Kennedy (Gus)
John Wombey
Mandy Conway
Jennifer Smitts
Ric Longmore
Martin Butterfield
Jill and Ian (Birds Queensland)
David Macdonald
Katherine Chuk
Jason Spur
Damon Oliver
Dr Catherine Byrne

Recent reviews from iTunes and the Google Play Store

“Having great fun sneaking up on birds and trying to capture them. Getting better at id as well. The messages to my inbox about photo quality and id tips are amazing.”
- Murnong (iOS user)

“After getting the hang of it, it is quite addictive and ruins my morning walk with the dog because i keep stopping to take photos of birds. Kids should love this, and it will get them outside, learning about nature but with incentive to do so (to top the leader board, get gold and equipment).”
- jksmits (iOS user)

“Citizen Science at it's best! This is a great app to get you looking at the natural environment in new ways. I love the email confirmation when you submit a sighting & the excitement of correctly identifying a species.”
- Dot Hepburn (Android user)

“Highly recommended family fun I enjoy sharing new information with my family as I learn more about the wildlife around me.”
- Rosalie Neve (Android user)

“Heaps of Fun Great way to contribute to the bio-data of the nation.”
- Clayton Hansen (Android user)

“What a great idea. Really enjoying using this app. Recommended for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, or even just poking around in the backyard.”
- Kit Kat (Android user)

“Almost a field guide as well as a game This game is a fantastic idea. I hadn’t realised until playing that there was so much species data in there, including distribution maps and comparative pics. This makes it a great resource even possibly for non-game players.”
- Julian Robinson (Android user)

“Great introduction to wildlife observation and recording. Check out what is in your area, see what you can get a photo of - Join the quest Help map your local birds and other wildlife.”
- John Morrison (Android user)

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