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The idea for a mobile game in which players would complete to record their local wildlife began taking shape in November, 2011, as part of a broader initiative, called ProjectBioD.org, which seeks to help protect biodiversity using the latest mobile technologies.

The founders of ProjectBioD.org had already spent over a decade developing collective intelligence networks — that is, “gamified” crowd-sourcing models — meant to engage online communities in the production of verified, cheat-proof, high-quality solutions to complex problems, as fast as possible (see US Patent US20030093317 A1, Oct 25, 2001).

Having designed the functionality for a “quest-type” game, as well as other gaming models, the founders created an entity called QuestaGame.com. In September, 2013, QuestaGame launched a crowd-funding campaign to develop a Canberra-based mobile adventure app in which players would seek out local birds for points. The nest of this initial crowd-funding campaign received a warm welcome from supporters around Australia — and lo! QuestaBird was hatched.

With help from our partners, the game now works not just in Canberra, but all over Australia; and not just for birds, but for any species of wildlife. We hope you enjoy it, because the more you do, the more you’ll learn about the Australian environment. And the faster Australia can record, understand and better protect its precious biodiversity.

Please feel free to contact us any time. We’d love to hear from you.

Recent reviews from iTunes and the Google Play Store

“Having great fun sneaking up on birds and trying to capture them. Getting better at id as well. The messages to my inbox about photo quality and id tips are amazing.”
- Murnong (iOS user)

“After getting the hang of it, it is quite addictive and ruins my morning walk with the dog because i keep stopping to take photos of birds. Kids should love this, and it will get them outside, learning about nature but with incentive to do so (to top the leader board, get gold and equipment).”
- jksmits (iOS user)

“Citizen Science at it's best! This is a great app to get you looking at the natural environment in new ways. I love the email confirmation when you submit a sighting & the excitement of correctly identifying a species.”
- Dot Hepburn (Android user)

“Highly recommended family fun I enjoy sharing new information with my family as I learn more about the wildlife around me.”
- Rosalie Neve (Android user)

“Heaps of Fun Great way to contribute to the bio-data of the nation.”
- Clayton Hansen (Android user)

“What a great idea. Really enjoying using this app. Recommended for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, or even just poking around in the backyard.”
- Kit Kat (Android user)

“Almost a field guide as well as a game This game is a fantastic idea. I hadn’t realised until playing that there was so much species data in there, including distribution maps and comparative pics. This makes it a great resource even possibly for non-game players.”
- Julian Robinson (Android user)

“Great introduction to wildlife observation and recording. Check out what is in your area, see what you can get a photo of - Join the quest Help map your local birds and other wildlife.”
- John Morrison (Android user)

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